Istrian Wine Run
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    UMAG - STELLA MARIS - 01/09/2018
    imageUMAG - STELLA MARIS - 01&02/09/2017

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    The fourth edition of Istrian Wine Run will be held on 1st September 2018 in Stella Maris Resort, Umag.

    Did you know that Istrian Wine Run was selected for the HUOJ Grand PRix award for Best PR Projects in Croatia in 2017?

    It was also awarded as finalist of the The SABRE Awards, the prestigious international award for best PR projects. Last year's award attracted more than 2,400 registered projects from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, while Istrian Wine Run competed for the best PR project in the South East Europe region.

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capo cattunar coronica frankovic kabola novacco prelac matosevic
ravalico sinkovic veralda gambaletto kozlovic degrassi bencic bijeli box
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