Istrian Wine Run
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    UMAG - STELLA MARIS - 01&02/09/2017
    imageUMAG - STELLA MARIS - 01&02/09/2017

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  • Dear competitors

    We apologize for all the problems that have arisen following yesterday's storm that destroyed the last few refreshment stations and the finish line and thus prevented us from fully implementing our race, entertainment, refreshment and after party programme. Along with all that the storm destroyed our timing system (both primary and backup: video camera and manual recording of results) and while saving the equipment and caring for the wellbeing of present competitors, volunteers and judges, unfortunately we are unable to reconstruct results after the first 70 competitors who entered the finish line.

    We are hoping that you will consider these extreme weather conditions that were beyond our power and acknowledge our apology.

    Istrian Wine Run team
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